Newlyweds Have The BEST Reaction When Stray Dog Interrupts Vows

After spending thousands of dollars to put together a wedding for friends and family, a stray dog wanders into the venue just as the music plays…and lays down directly on the bride’s veil. This is probably a nightmare plaguing a few bride-to-be’s in the weeks leading up to their big day, but when it happened to newlyweds Matheu and Marilia, it actually led to something wonderful.

Dozens of scenarios play through hopeful brides’ expectations for their own celebrations. From ruined dresses to missing bouquets, the list of “things that might go wrong” are endless…but “stray dog wanders into ceremony and naps on veil” is probably really low on that list of fears. The couple had been planning on an outdoor wedding, but when the weather began to storm, they moved it at the last minute. When a wet, muddy stray dog wandered into the venue, no one stopped him. He settled down in the most comfortable spot: her veil. The dog eventually wandered away, but the couple wanted to find him. They searched and let others know that they were on the lookout for their uninvited guest.

One week later, they found him! They named him Snoop and welcomed him into their new family. 

Now, they can’t imagine their life without the happy pup!

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