Newest Beauty Trend Involves Temporary Tattoos And A Love For Freckles!

In past decades, women tried everything that they could to cover and hide their freckles…even going so far as to avoid the sun as much as possible! But the beauty standards have changed in recent years, encouraging people to love their bodies and celebrate their differences. Accentuating freckles (or adding them artificially) is just one of the ways that people are choosing to express their ideal beauty.

They do like quite natural! Commonly known as “freckling,” these cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent and will gradually fade away over the course of two years. Initially, they are bold and rather obvious, but in the months following the tattoos, they will start to look more natural. While some freckle tattoos look natural thanks to the skills of the tattooist and the chosen color for the freckles, some people argue that the freckles just end up looking like a bad breakout.Others insist that the placement of freckles is more important than the color. If they are all bunched together, they seem strange at first. The healing process takes a few days, but people are swearing that they’ll continue to “freckle” forever!Would you get some freckle tattoos? These temporary beauty marks are making a comeback in a big way! What do you think of this latest beauty trend? Love it or hate it?

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