Newborn Baby Shares A Birthday With Mom AND Dad! What Are The Odds?!

When Luke and Hillary first met, they were stunned to realize that they shared the exact same birthday. Hillary was born at 8:10 a.m. on December 18, 1989. Luke was born exactly six hours later at 2:10 p.m. They had no idea that eventually, they would have a son on this day in the very near future.

The odds of a husband and wife being born on the same day are pretty steep, but not altogether unheard of.

When the couple realized that she was pregnant, Hillary plugged all of her information into an app that gave her a due date of December 15th, while a visit to her doctor predicted a due date of December 19th. That is when the pair realized that they very well might have a baby on their shared birthday.

In the evening on December 17th, Hillary went for a walk with Luke, and a short time later went into labor. 

Their new son, Cade, was born the next day on December 18th, 2017! He shares a birthday with his parents (aside from the 27 year difference!) which is a 1 in 365 times 1 in 365, or, 1 in 133,000.

The couple joked about planning their next child for the same date in a few years. Can you imagine having a family birthday? Too cool!

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