New Makeup Line Finally Gives One Woman With Albinism The PERFECT Match To Her Skin

88Sitioner never expected to find the perfect shade of makeup for her skin, but as soon as she tried out a few shades from a new makeup line, she was stunned. For the first time, her foundation matched her skin exactly. There was no tint or orange or pink – it was exactly right. As soon as she put it on, she took a quick picture before finishing the rest of her makeup, never expecting for hundreds of thousands of people to share in her joy.

Krystal Robertson posted her heartfelt thanks to Rhianna and the singer’s new line of cruelty-free foundation comes in an incredible range of colors. Due to her albinism, her skin doesn’t contain any pigment making it impossible to find shades of makeup that were true to her color. She had been getting by with other brands, but was constantly frustrated by the yellows, oranges, and pinks that would line her face when she tried a new shade of foundation…but this new line matched her skin exactly.

The new beauty line included shades from the lightest skin tones to the darkest, keeping in mind that real people were going to be using them on a daily basis.

Her spontaneous selfie went viral almost instantly, and Rhianna caught wind of it and followed her newest fan! Robertson’s face and neck finally matched thanks to the lightest color…and in the end, she was excited to learn that there was even a color one shade lighter for others with albinism! Incredible!

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