NEVER Trust Strangers On The Internet – ESPECIALLY Facebook! This Couple Learned The HARDEST Lesson!

In the UK, a couple decided that they needed to make a better life for themselves and for their daughter. Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk had a baby girl, and they wanted to give her a better life than they had growing up. They decided that the best thing for them to do was move closer to Mark’s pub in order to really set down their roots, grow their business, and begin their lives as a family.


The couple didn’t have family that could help them with the move, so they needed to hire a moving company instead. Becky searched for moving companies and eventually found one on Facebook. They had a professional website, and Becky was even able to speak with the owner who scheduled her move at a competitive price.

When moving day arrived, the couple was impressed! The moving company was quick and efficient – loading up their entire house in under 45 minutes! The mover’s had a simple answer; business is good, and they had a lot of other jobs to complete before the day was over.

And then things took a horrible turn for the worse!

The movers didn’t arrive at the couple’s new home. They tried to call the owner, but the number was suddenly disconnected. They searched for another way to contact the company on Facebook but found the entire page shut down as if it had never existed. They had fallen prey to a scam artist and lost every single thing that they owned in less than an hour.

Instead of building their life and growing Mark’s pub into a thriving business, the couple was forced to turn to donations in order to make ends meet. They are still struggling to get back on their feet after a devastating loss, but the police have been investigating the case as a theft.

Mark also had taken out insurance on the pub…but had only just signed the papers that morning, which caused problems when he tried to explain what all had happened. Hopefully this little family can get back on their feet soon!

The lesson we can all learn is to only do business with reputable people! Or at least follow the moving van in your own car before it drives off with everything you own in the world…

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