Neighborhood Kids Save A Life By Putting Out A Fire…With WATER Guns!

In a sleepy neighborhood in North Dakota, several kids have become local heroes! Normally, when you hear kids screaming and running around outside with water guns, you know you’re not going to get any peace and quiet for at least an hour. But when these kids started using their water guns to put out a dangerous fire, it was eerily quiet.

A planter on one renter’s balcony had caught fire and was spreading to the side of the unit. The occupant wasn’t able to get out because they were on oxygen, and the firefighters hadn’t arrived yet. When the kids saw the flames, they began using their super-soakers for good and aimed their nozzles at the flames instead of at each other.

They had to refill their guns a few times, but by the time firefighters arrived, they found the flames only smoldering. The kids had been able to put the fire out on their own!

They had some super-soakers, so they had some pretty good range.”

Over the radio, the firefighters learned that some local kids were shooting at the blaze in order to get it under control, but they expected the children to be a little bit older when they finally arrived. The children were all members of the nearby elementary school. 

They were nervous at first, but they knew that they had to do something to help!

The fire chief used the incident as a way to remind the public that when putting out cigarettes or other smoking materials, to wet them before discarding them. And definitely don’t put a smoldering cigarette into a planter that contains peat moss as it is a very flammable material.

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