Neglected Cat Discovered With 5 Extra Pounds Of Matted Fur

Persian cats require a lot of grooming and care in order to stay healthy. Their long fur can get easily matted if it isn’t brushed frequently, and this poor cat, called Sinbad, was an extreme example of this. He was discovered by a utility worker.

The worker discovered the neglected cat in the basement of an elderly man’s home. When the man admitted that he was no longer able to care for the cat or himself, he gave them Sinbad, a 9 year old Persian cat that needed a lot of help.
Sinbad was unable to move his hind legs at all, and he was so matted that they weren’t sure of his state of health. They began shaving him with electric shavers, but it was slow going. They often couldn’t tell where his skin ended and the fur began, leading to nicks and scrapes in the effort to free him. At one point, he needed to be under anesthesia. When they freed him, he weighed only 7 pounds and was severely malnourished. Elliott Serrano, a humane education specialist, agreed to take the cat home to help him recover instead of leaving him overnight in the clinic.

Serrano was unable to resist Sinbad’s charm. On the second day, the cat wouldn’t leave his side, cuddling on his chest and “meowing” at him. He adopted the cat and set up his own social media account! Sinbad has thousands of fans around the globe, and everyone was so happy to see his miraculous recovery!

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