Need To Express Yourself In The Pool? These Floating Pool Emojis Can Help!

Everybody knows that you can’t mix electricity and water…which is why your phone should always stay FAR away from the pool! But…without your phone, how will you express yourself? Avoid ruining your phone and give yourself a way to say “I’m cool” or…well, whatever a poop emoji says! These crazy pool floaties are incredibly popular. Not only are they functional, they are crazy and unique. 7.3a19The floaties range in price from $39.95 to $49.95, and the separate pump is an additional $24.95. The best seller? Not surprisingly, the poop emoji…Why? No idea. But it’s sure to be a hit at any pool parties! 7.3a20The floaties are larger than your average floatie, too. From 5 to 7 feet long, these inflatable masterpieces can comfortably fit just about anyone. 7.3a21A lot of people are wondering if Apple is going to come after the inventor for copyright infringement, but the general consensus is that he didn’t actually copy the emoji images exactly. Right? But people are excited to be able to purchase these instead of the standard lounge floatie, and like one comment said, “Donut Floaties are so 2015.”7.3a22Hey, I think the donut floatie is adorable and should never go out of style. Will you be trading in your bitten donut for a fire emoji? How about an eggplant?

Or…you could stick with the standard lounge float from a dollar shop. What do you think of these crazy cool floaties?

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