Need More Storage Space? Grab Some Old Moving Boxes And Turn Them Into BEAUTIFUL Bins!

These moving boxes are great for moving, but not so great for much else. They sit in the garage filled with old books, miscellaneous wires and cables, or just old items that you can’t seem to part with…and sometimes end up being the homes for countless spiders. Well, one crafter decided to put these boxes to good use instead of letting them rot in the outdoor shed. She grabbed some spare fabric, spray glue, a few pieces of cord, and decided to try her hand at creating something that would easily cost $20 at a home goods store.9-20a1She began by measuring the length around an entire box and cut out one long piece of fabric, leaving an inch at the top and bottom to fold over. She sprayed the adhesive on one side at a time, pulling the fabric tightly and making sure that there were no wrinkles on the sides of her box. Once the sides were in place, she sprayed the inside of the fabric and wrapped the remaining edges around the top and bottom of the box! Folding it over the edges, she now had a beautiful storage container that could be used in any room in the house.9-20a2Using rope that she had on hand, she cut holes through the fabric and cardboard, looped the rope through, and tied knots in the inside of the box. 9-20a3This project is an absolute favorite because you can use any box, any fabric, and any ribbon or rope for handles! Don’t let these boxes wither away in your back closet. Transform them into a beautiful display and store your favorite items in plain sight! See more details on this project here.


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