Nearly-100-Year-Old Woman Arrested And Placed In A Cell…For Her Bucket List!

Annie, who is quickly approaching her 100th birthday, knew that there was one thing on her bucket list that she wouldn’t be able to do without help: get arrested and spend time in a jail cell. She wasn’t prepared to commit any real crime, but with the assistance of her local police station, she was able to scratch “get arrested” off of her bucket list!

Annie told the officers that she had always wanted to know what it was like to be arrested. She’d heard about others who had gone through the experience and seen arrests and prisons on television and in movies…but she wanted to know what it would be like to “experience a police cell from within.” Her curiosity just would not let up! She had to know!Annie was placed in cuffs, led into a jail cell (she was allowed to stay in her wheelchair, of course) and spend a while just enjoying the strange new experience. She wanted it documented and shows off her fancy handcuffs to the camera with a smile of joy.

The station posted the pictures with the caption: “a day to remember!”

Do you have anything crazy like this on your bucket list?

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