Nathan The Beach Cat Has 40,000 Followers And ADORES The Ocean Waves

A quirky feline named Nathan has been making waves (ha!) with her curious love for the ocean! Wearing an adorable harness, the adventurous kitty doesn’t see anything strange about her passion…but plenty of people do! Most of the cats in our lives detest the water, and getting them into a bath is usually a literal nightmare…but not Nathan!

The cat was rescued and adopted by a couple in Queensland, Australia. After being left in a box on the side of the road, Nathan was saved and quickly found a new home due to her sweet and excitable nature. They named her Nathan as a joke…but it stuck! Now, they wouldn’t name her anything else if they had the chance to choose a new one.Nathan followed them everywhere after being rescued. During a walk to the beach, they were stunned when Nathan followed them everywhere they decided to walk…even when they walked straight into the waves!

Pouncing and swatting at the water, bits of seaweed, and sometimes even at small fish, it’s never a dull moment for the feisty cat!After every trip to the beach, Nathan takes a bath to wash away the salt water and sand, enjoying the time with her humans and getting all clean! This one-of-a-kind kitty deserves every one of her followers.

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