NASA Searches For “Planetary Protection Officer.” This 9-Year-Old May Get The Job!

NASA wants to hire a Planetary Protection Officer to keep the Earth safe from an alien invasion, or broker peace between Earthlings and alien visitors all while making a six-figure salary. There’s most likely a lot more involved, but when Jack heard about the opening, he jumped at the chance to apply. Who better to do the job than a fourth grader with extensive knowledge about space?As expected, people have started to flood NASA’s inbox with applications in the hopes that the job was prompted by some secret being kept. Had they made contact with an alien species already? What’s being kept behind closed doors?!

Jack felt that he had the experience necessary to do the job as he has already watched many “alien movies” that have prepared him for just about anything.

He’s also willing to learn, and has already adopted the title of Guardian of the Galaxy.

His heartfelt letter was posted online, and people hope that NASA employees get a kick out of it. Kids are really interested in space, and NASA employees in the past have admitted that they often keep these letters pinned up around their desks as motivation.

Even if he doesn’t get the job, he has most assuredly made someone’s day!

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