Mystery Donation Dropped Into Salvation Army Tin: A Lottery Ticket Worth $1,000!

At a Walmart in Pennsylvania, an instant lottery ticket was discovered in a Salvation Army kettle worth $1,000 dollars. It wasn’t the first time a Walmart in Pennsylvania has been gifted with a generous donation, as one store received nearly $50,000 dollars in layaway payoffs recently as well.

The urge to help others and give to the less fortunate is in the spirit of the holidays. The cold weather makes life more difficult on everyone, and if a few dollars are able to make a difference, people don’t mind giving.

The anonymous donation is inspiring everyone who hears of it, moving them to pay the action forward in whatever way that they can.

The Christmas season often brings out the best in people. It’s heartwarming to hear stories such as this one, and I applaud this anonymous winner for turning their good fortune into an act of charity that will benefit the community.” said Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko.”

The Salvation Army isn’t a stranger to receiving winning lottery tickets in their kettles, but usually, they are anywhere from $1 dollar to $20 dollars, and never before one in such a large amount.

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