Mr. Potato Head Looks A Little Different Now, And The Reason Is REALLY Important!

You might have had a Mr. Potato Head growing up, and maybe even had his wife, Mrs. Potato Head…but you probably don’t remember them looking quite like this:7.5a8He’s still recognizable as the glorious potato toy we love and remember, but he’s just a bit…different. Hasbro toys teamed up with the UK grocer ASDA with an important message. They want people to appreciate imperfect produce because there is a tangible problem that is causing tons and tons of food to go to waste for one ridiculous reason: “It doesn’t look right.” In fact, 6 billion pounds of produce go to waste in the United States each year.

On the farm, a shocking amount of produce doesn’t end up growing like we think it should. These fruits and vegetables and roots are all healthy, edible, and taste exactly like they should, but because they don’t resemble the traditional image, they go to waste instead. 7.5a7FareShare has something to say about it. They work solely to redistribute these rejected foods to the people who need them the most. No one should ever go hungry when there is so much to go around…which brings us to wonder why we let them? We are all guilty of digging around the produce section for the “best” of everything, but does it really matter? 2 pounds worth of a 5 “perfect” potatoes tastes just the same as 2 pounds of 8 “imperfect” potatoes…but we consistently leave the “ugly” ones to wither away on the shelf until they are tossed out.

It’s time to stop being so wasteful and appreciate the food for how it tastes and NOT how it looks!

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