Movers Stole This Family Heirloom…But Even HE Couldn’t Believe How He Recovered It!

He knew that she was the one. Incredibly, so did her father. When Stuart Schlisserman approached his daughter’s boyfriend, Nico Bellamy, he had something incredible to share. Schlisserman passed down his late mother’s wedding ring for Nico to use “when the time was right.” It meant a lot because the woman had passed away less than a year before, but Schlisserman knew that his daughter, Caitie, would appreciate being proposed to with her grandmother’s wedding ring. Nice meant to protect the ring until he was ready to propose…but that’s when things took a terrible turn.
The couple had been dating for seven years, but Nico wanted to wait until after they moved into their new home before proposing. He’d been keeping the ring in a safe deposit box, but wanted to keep it close during the move.

He took it out, wrapped it in plastic, and hid it in a backpack. It was a move that he would come to regret.

After the movers unloaded their belongings at their new home across town, he went to check the backpack…and found the zipper wide open and the bag gone! Devastated, he tried to contact the movers but they were a dead end.

He was dreading what he had to do next. When Caitie’s father flew in to visit, Nico drove to pick him up in complete silence. He broke the news that he had lost the family heirloom. Strangely, the man didn’t panic.

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They took an alternate route to the couple’s new home to avoid traffic and happened to see a sign: “FOUND ENGAGEMENT RING”

Could it be? Nico called the number and gave a description of his missing ring…and they knew it was him!

A kind couple had found a plastic bag in an alleyway and had almost tossed it out because it had looked like garbage, but when they realized something was inside, they knew that they needed to try and find the owners! They suspect that the movers had also assumed it was garbage…but Nico knew it was a sign! He proposed and confessed the secret he’d been keeping!

Now, they expect to live happily ever after!

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