Mother-To-Be Switches Doctor Halfway Through Pregnancy…What She Wants Other Moms To Know!

She knew that she had a high-risk pregnancy, so why weren’t the doctors doing anything about it? This is the question that Jenny Halteman couldn’t stop asking when the ultrasound tech, nurse practitioner, and midwife brushed off her concerns in an alarming manner. She had gone into a birthing center for routine exams, and one after another, they failed to give her the answers that she needed, even after direct questions.

The tech was rough and curt, repeating that “I’m just the technician. All I’m allowed to tell you is if you’re looking at a head, an arm, or a leg. You’ll have to call a nurse if you want any results.”

She called the nurse after her appointment and was met with boredom. “Halteman…Halteman…How do you spell that?” And went on to tell Jenny that her baby had cysts. “You’ll have to get those checked out.”

“Alright, can we set up an appointment for that?” Jenny asked.

“Hmm…looks like that’s it.” The nurse said, ignoring her question.

“…Can we set up an appointment please?” Jenny asked again, feeling ignored.

“Oh, wait, I almost missed this. It says you have a succenturiate placenta and a velamentous umbilical cord insertion.” What? The nurse “almost missed” something that put her into the high-risk pregnancy category. “You can ask the midwife at your appointment tomorrow at 3pm.”

The midwife did nothing to calm her concerns and just said “everything is fine, you won’t be treated as high-risk.” Jenny had had enough.

She found a large teaching hospital with doctors who wanted to hear her concerns and did their best to explain everything. It was a relief when they began testing things that the birthing center said was “fine.” She was in the loop about her own body, and she wants other women to know that they don’t have to settle for less.

She wants expectant mothers to find new doctors and don’t let their long titles bully you into believing “everything is fine.” Get your answers, switch doctors, and trust your instincts.

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