Mother-To-Be Lost EVERYTHING In A Fire. Local Firefighters Change Her Life With A HUGE Gesture!

When Nicola Taylor was eight months pregnant, her apartment caught fire and she lost everything to the blaze. It as stressful, but the worst part? Her friends had thrown her a baby shower two days before the fire destroyed it all.

She was starting over with nothing…and expecting a newborn practically any day now!

When the firefighters showed up to help, they were deeply affected. Many of them had families and young children of their own. Sifting through the burned baby items and seeing the pregnant woman facing such a tragedy, they felt that they needed to do as much as they could to help her. They worked hard to collect donations and items like baby clothes, carriers, gifts, gift cards, and a little something for mom in the form of a beautiful necklace from Tiffany’s!

The biggest surprise of all had Nicola in tears: a new lease to a new apartment with several months of rent already paid. The donations that poured in were enough to get her right back onto her feet in time to welcome her new baby into the world.

Their local businesses also go in on the donations and gifted the family new beds, mattresses, and a crib for the baby!

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