Mother Survived Six Days Without LUNGS Until Receiving A Transplant

Melissa Benoit was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that causes buildup of phlegm in her lungs. Since her early twenties, she has fought consistently against lung infections. The bacteria eventually developed resistance to the antibiotics that were used to keep the infections under control. Once that happened, only a transplant would save her life.

Unfortunately, the hospital knew what would happen and described it as “Her inflamed lungs began to fill with blood, pus, and mucus, decreasing the amount of air entering her lungs, similar to a person drowning.”

Even though a transplant was the only thing that could save her life, none were available. Faced with the decision of life or death, doctors decided to do something revolutionary.

A team of 13 surgeons operated on Melissa for nine hours, hooking her up to life support circuits and hoping that she could survive until donor lungs became available.

The team was able to keep her alive for six days until donor lungs became available. The transplant was a success! Without the brave and somewhat shocking decision to completely remove her lungs, she would have died.

With more and more medical breakthroughs happening everyday, people are hopeful that more lives can be saved!

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