Mother Saves Newborn After Being Sucked Into A Tornado And Tossed Into The Air

Amanda Stockfelt is being hailed as a heroine for saving the life of her two-month-old baby, Autumn, after a horrific scenario at her workplace one day.

She had just finished up at her pediatrician’s office for Autumn’s check-up when the weather turned. She decided to bring her daughter to work, and the decision saved the child’s life.

Stockfelt’s office was inside of a metal trailer at an impound lot, and when the winds picked up outside, Stockfelt and her co-worker became nervous. Stockfelt strapped Autumn into her car seat, wrapping one elbow through the handle and clutching the entire seat with her other arm, holding on as tightly as possible.
Moments later, the trailer was ripped apart. Stockfelt’s co-worker was thrown away, but she and her daughter were sucked up into the tornado.

The only thing I could think of was, ‘I can’t let go,’ I can’t let go because if I let go, I’m never going to find her.” She said.

The force of the storm pulled baby Autumn up above Stockfelt’s head, but she would not release her grip on the seat, no matter how much it jostled in the wind. They landed roughly ten feet from where they had been taken up by the wind, covered in mud and debris but incredibly unharmed.

Aside from a few scratches and bruises, doctors claim that it was shock that kept the newborn from crying during the ordeal. She insists that this is thanks to the car seat.

Graco makes the best car seats in the world, because if it wasn’t for this car seat, she’d be dead. I knew that if something was going to happen, I wouldn’t be able to fully protect her.”

While her job is gone, their car is gone, but Stockfelt is thankful that her daughter survived because she was the only thing that couldn’t be replaced.

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