Mother Prepares To Donate Two Organs To Save Her Son’s Life

Sarah Lamont is 36 years old and has already made the biggest decision of her life: donating one kidney and a part of her liver to her four-year-old son. Her son, Joe, will be four by the time he receives his life-saving organ donations.

Joe was born with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, a disease that is life-threatening without a transplant.

While he has been on a transplant list for over a year, there was no guarantee that he would ever receive the call, and if he did, there was no guarantee that it would be in time to save his life. The family waited, but as time passed they witnessed countless other children receiving kidney and liver donations from their own parents instead of waiting on a donor organ.

Because he needed to attend dialysis three times a week, her son “just wasn’t getting a chance to do what wee boys do,” and mom just couldn’t bear to wait any longer

If you’re on your deathbed of course you would take an organ, so if you’re prepared to take it you should of course be prepared to give.”

She knew that her son deserved a shot at life…even if it was only for a few more years. She took the tests and discovered that she was a compatible donor. The surgery is scheduled.

I’m lucky I can give Joe a liver and kidney, but if he had a heart problem he could die waiting,” she explained. “You also don’t know how long organ transplants last, so he’ll probably need multiple transplants in his life.”

It’ll be a long and hard road moving forward, but they plan to face it together.

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