Mother Opened The Door To Two Officers And Their Young Child. She Broke Into Tears When She Realized WHY!

Lindsey Bittorf, a police officer, was scrolling through Facebook when she stumbled across a heartbreaking plea from a mother about her son. The post stated that a mother named Kristi Goll was desperately reaching out to anyone and everyone to try and save her 8-year-old son, Jackson, who was in need of a kidney donation. Little Jackson needed a kidney from a healthy donor with O+ blood, and his mother hoped that someone would see her cry for help.

I thought, that’s me! I can do this. If this were my child, I would hope every other mother would step in and help.” Officer Bittorf said.

She spoke with her husband and got tested…the results came back and she was a match! She decided to break the news in the most spectacular way.

To my surprise, two police officers walk in. ‘Kristi and Jackson these are for you’, one of them says as she hands Jackson and I both a wrapped package. I read on the outside of mine, To Kristi- Happy Early Mother’s Day. Love Lindsey. I had to unwrap it slightly to see the word “kidney” on the sign and right then and there, I knew our prayers were answered. There were lots of hugs and so many tears. Some may see her as a hero for protecting our community as a police officer. I look at her as a hero for saving my little boy’s life.” Kristi wrote.

I know many think that my job as a police officer played a part in my decision, but it really was that I am a mom first. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am just another person in the village helping give a child the ability to live a longer life.” Officer Bittorf said.

The story had many looking into kidney donations in their own areas. Officer Bittorf saved a life that day, and hopes that others will be inspired as a result.

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