Mother Of Three STUNNED When Walmart Cashier Pays HALF Of Her Grocery Bill!

Ashley and her husband, Michael, were picking up their groceries at their local Walmart with their 1-year-old daughter in tow. Their other two children were at home with a babysitter so the parents could buy groceries to last the next two weeks and a few items of clothing for their kids. The total was a whopping $200…but before they could open their wallets, the cashier walked out from behind the til and swiped her own card, bringing the total down to only $100!
I think y’all need a blessing tonight!” The checkout cashier, Sharnique, told them as she swiped her card in partial payment.

Ashley asked Sharnique to pose for a picture and shared it with her friends and family…but it went viral!

It has opened my heart. I plan on paying it forward in the future.” Ashley said about the event.

Others have been sharing the story to help encourage others to do the same. It might not be $100, but even a few bucks to pay for someone’s coffee or holding the door open for someone else are some of the ways we can make the world a better place each day, they say. This cashier really did something amazing that day!

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