Mother Mourning The Loss Of Her Son Humiliated While Returning His Unused Baby Items

Jessica Huchko has three daughters, but she was ecstatic to discover that her next child would be a boy. While the family had what they needed for a new baby, she needed to purchase a new car seat and strollers as hers were older than five years. With that big purchase out of the way, she tossed the receipts because she knew that these brands would work perfectly for the family’s newest addition…but when she miscarried the baby, seeing the brand new items sitting unused in their sealed boxes was just too much.

I needed them out of the house.” She said. Seeing them was just too painful.

While she didn’t have the receipts, she had the record from her credit card and had used her store’s loyalty card during the purchase. The items were still in their boxes, so she didn’t think there would be any problem. Unfortunately, the employees and manager at BabiesRUs hadn’t been trained to handle someone in her situation. Things quickly went from bad to worse.

I guess I didn’t give her a good enough answer, so she asked, ‘why are you returning this?’ And it triggered something inside of me, that a tear just rolled down my face and I had to just say, ‘my son passed away and I can’t use them’,” Huchko said.

The employee called for a manager, who asked Huchko to explain the situation a second time. When they couldn’t find the items in their system, the manager tried to appease her by offering to refund half of the car seat. The stroller was also causing a problem.

She turned around and said, ‘it’s coming up as two cents.” I said, ‘so you’re offering me two cents for a double stroller’,” Huchko said. “It was worse than a slap in the face. Now, I have to try and control myself while there’s a huge line forming behind me.”

She reached out to her local news station that was able to push the store into making things right.

We are deeply sorry for her experience in our store, and more importantly for her loss. The store leadership has provided coaching to the team members to help ensure similar situations are handled with more care in the future,” the store said in a statement.

She hopes that other stores that cater to new mothers can learn from this situation and stop this treatment from happening to any other mothers in mourning.

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