Mother Is Banned From A Maternity Store For Breastfeeding…During National Breastfeeding Week!

While women have the right to feed their children anywhere and everywhere, some places still just haven’t gotten the message. Mothers are usually harassed by people who haven’t had children, have never breastfed, or never had to deal with babies that wouldn’t feed with covers and just don’t understand that when baby is hungry, baby is HUNGRY NOW and will not wait to start screaming their adorable little heads off. This happened to Clare, a mother who needed to feed her 5-month-old daughter, Elsa. Just look at how precious that little baby is!7.14a16While shopping in Mothercare, a maternity store of all places, her daughter began to cry out of hunger. Clare prepared to feed Elsa while shopping when she was approached by an employee. The staff member told Clare to stop (as if) and to go into a back room instead. Not wanting to deal with a screaming baby and an ignorant employee, she fed Elsa in her car.

I felt really upset and vulnerable. I felt as if I was being banned from breastfeeding, in Mothercare of all places.”

The employee defended herself by stating that other shoppers had complained in the past, and she only wanted to protect them. Really? No one complained, but these imaginary shoppers might complain in the future? And during National Breastfeeding Week?

Clare took to social media to voice her frustrations, and the company issued an apology and a weak explanation.

As our Edmonton store is being refurbished and there are building workers on the premises, we suggested our customer may be more comfortable using the feeding facilities.”

That’s not what the employee said, but sure, think what you want.

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