Most Parents Would Be ANGRY. This Mother Was THANKFUL. Her Story Is Heartbreaking.

What’s most important in life isn’t always what we expect. Keeping a perfect home, cooking perfect meals, getting a promotion, traveling to see the world may be the dreams of many…but for some, they might give anything to go back into the past for even just a moment. Lori Fry went downstairs to find that her daughter had drawn outside of the lines on their expensive dining room table. Instead of getting angry, she gained perspective.

How would most parents respond?
With anger?
With disappointment?
With wit’s end frustration?

I admit, I was a little upset when I first saw my youngest daughter’s masterpiece. Then that still small voice of reason whispered- “In all things, give thanks…”
3,164 days ago, I was planning my oldest daughter’s funeral.

3,164 days ago, I mourned these moments that were robbed from me.

3,164 days ago, dreams of crayon scribbles were fading as fast as my will to get out of bed.

3,164 days ago, I was too wrapped up in my pain to be thankful for anything.

Here I am, 3,164 days later, and I can’t bring myself to sand the crayon scribbles off the table.

3,164 days later, I see what God had planned for my life that I couldn’t see before.

3,164 days later, I understand that His dreams are greater than my own.

3,164 days later, I am thankful that He turned my mess into a message, test into testimony, and trial into triumph.

There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

3,164 days later, I am thankful for crayon scribbles on our expensive table.

Be thankful for each and every day. Appreciate the people in your life who are still alive and well right now. Have you told them that you love them? Grab the phone and do it. Each day is a gift…even if it happens to be crayon scribbles on the table.

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