Monastery Adopts Stray Dog And Names Him ‘Friar Mustache’

This little puppy came to a Bolivian monastery with the name “Carmelo,” but soon joined their ranks and was adopted by its members. They decided to change his name to Friar Mustache (for obvious reasons!) and even fashioned him his own special robe to wear about the premises!

He spends his days wandering around, visiting everyone who lives there, enjoying the weather, sniffing the plants and exploring the ponds. He loves to run and play, and above all else, he loves to cuddle!

He has opened the doors for other monasteries that might be thinking about adopting a dog or two as constant companions. The rescue group, Cold Nose Project, first approached the monastery with the idea of adoption and were excited when the members were happy about the idea.

They believe that more organizations and businesses should open their hearts to adopting a dog and hope that the idea spreads. They would be thrilled to find a home for every stray – and a companion for every monastery!

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