Mom’s Worst Nightmare Comes True After Daycare Releases Daughter To “Her Sister,” A Complete Stranger

Andrea Saubert arrived at Imagine Nation, a day care, in Waxahachie, Texas to pick up her daughter. That’s when the day care told her the horrifying news. 19-month-old Ansley had already gone home “with your sister.” Since Saubert didn’t have a sister, she immediately called the police.

Once they began investigating, they realized the truth of what had happened. A new babysitter had gone to the day care to pick up another child with the same name. The only difference was that the sitter was new to the family and had never met the child before. She was supposed to be leaving with a 4-month-old baby, but instead, assumed that the “Ansley” she was meant to take was older than she initially thought.10-19a9

The babysitter did not carry a phone and had an out-of-state driver’s license, making it impossible to track her down. Once the sitter arrived at her employer’s home, the older brother told her that the girl she took from the daycare was not his little sister. She immediately raced back to the daycare to straighten everything out, but Saubert still has dozens of questions.

The daycare claims that the new sitter exited the property through the wrong exit unnoticed, and that if she had followed the correct procedure, the staff would have realized that she was taking the wrong child. Saubert wants to know just how lax the daycare’s policies are if an adult could leave with a child unnoticed in the first place.

The police deemed the incident as non-criminal, but family protective services was made aware of the mistake. Saubert is hoping to spread the word so that this never happens to any other parents. Meanwhile, the daycare reports that they have installed security cameras and are putting new security measures in place to prevent an event like this from happening again.


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