Mom’s Quest To Transform Son’s Wheelchair Into A Police Car Leads To Something Amazing!

Sometimes, people make such an impact on the lives of others that their stories end up being told for dozens of years. This is one of those stories that will be passed down, and the unforgettable actions of one woman have spread far and wide, inspiring thousands.

Aimee Boyle Mcilroy had just arrived at her local Home Depot to complete a very important project. Valerie, the manager, had been holding onto a large refrigerator box for the Mcilroy family, and when they arrived to pick it up, didn’t think twice about breaking down the large box with a box cutter.

She had beautiful nails and I told her that they weren’t meant for a box cutter and she said that her vest meant that she was made for whatever I needed!” Mcilroy wrote.

The box was going to be used to transform Mcilroy’s son’s wheelchair into a police car as a part of his Halloween costume.
Valerie helped them to brainstorm other items that would make the project easier, and when they got to the register, paid for everything herself!

While they were talking, the manager mentioned that she wished more special needs children attended the store’s creative workshops…and Mcilroy told her something that no one had fully realized.

Most children with special needs require “an accessible and sensory-friendly environment,” and when Valerie realized it, she insisted of bringing the workshop into the students’ classrooms instead!

Thanks to Valerie, Home Depot is also now bringing their Saturday kit workshops into my son’s school. There are 2 special needs classrooms in his school and they’re bringing enough kits for both classes. They’re going to pre-make the kits and then have a little mini workshop,” Mcilroy wrote.

This is just amazing!

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