Mom’s ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Disaster Is Hilarious And Infuriating! What Now?!

A fairly new Christmas tradition, the Elf on the Shelf has become more of a headache than a cheerful experience for some parents. According to “lore,” the elf keeps watch for Santa Claus and reports on the children’s behavior each night. To make the elf seem real, parents are supposed to move the elf from one location to another while the children sleep. Instead of simply moving the elf, some parents have their elf perform mischievous tasks. Lynn Heinrich brings “life” to her family’s elf by having him perform such tricks…but this time, her plan backfired.

Last night I did my motherly duty of moving the elf. So I was feeling creative and I got shaving cream and sprayed it all over the bathroom mirror and filled one of the two sinks with shaving cream and left a little note that said, “Miles did it” and Angel the elf was holding the pencil and had his arm around the shaving cream. Well here is where it all went to sh*t!”

When her son, Miles, woke up and went into the bathroom, he was terrified that he would get into trouble. He needed to fight back and frame the elf in return!

So my son, apple of my eye, the monster I was on bed rest for 5 months for, that I went through 21 hours of labor for and took 3 hours to push his huge head out, well he decides to frame the elf. So he gets a magic marker, black to be exact and draws squiggly lines all over my bathroom walls. Yes you read that right. Then writes a note with the said marker saying, “You are ugly Lynn” and then the mastermind puts the marker on the elf.”

She wanted to scold him for using a black, permanent marker on the walls, but how could she? She is the one who framed him in the first place. She was so angry at the situation that she posted about it on Facebook, where thousands of parents said that this was the reason their elves were “good,” and only ever brought back notes of encouragement from Santa!

The good news? The marker wiped right off thanks to the glossy finish on their bathroom walls!

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