Mom’s Crazy Potty Training Idea Is Genius! “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?!”

Potty training is arguably one of the most difficult parts about raising a toddler. Sure, tantrums and meltdowns and picky eating are frustrating, but there is something about a toilet schedule that quickly makes the top of the list. Every child is different, and while one method may work miracles for one child, it won’t have any effect on another!

One mom had tried everything to get her toddler to use the potty, but nothing was working. Schedules, stickers, charts, rewards – none of it! Eventually, she had a crazy idea…and handed her kid a dry-erase marker. 

Since the marker wipes away easily off of plastic surfaces, cleaning the toilet lid was so easy…and the activity was so exciting that sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes wasn’t such a fight!

Other moms have criticized the method, pointing out that in a few months, the child will have to “unlearn” two things: no more drawing on the toilet, and turning around. They say the temporary relief is not worth it.

Many mom just say: “do what works for your kid!”

What do you think of this mom’s idea? Hey, she can start teaching letters and numbers while they’re at it!

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