Mom’s “Back To School” Photo Is Stirring Up A LOT Of Opinions!

Back to school is a stressful time for kids…but most parents are glad of it! While school schedules are frustrating and lists of supplies threaten to overwhelm even the most organized of parents, knowing that the kids are out of the house for at least 8 hours gives a lot of parents a little extra breathing room.

For parents that work from home, the kids going back to school is a blessing. For parents that have multiple errands to run each day, not dragging along a flustered 6-year-old, it’s a breath of fresh air. Many parents have taken to celebrating in hilarious fashion.

This mom is no exception! Lounging in the pool as the kids head out to wait for the bus, she holds up a triumphant glass of orange juice and salutes her mopey kids as they leave for at least half of a day!

But the day isn’t easy on kids, either! Last year, one mom decided to document her daughter’s first day of school and created internet gold.

Some parents, however, say that it sends the wrong message to the kids. That celebrating their absence might make them feel as if they aren’t appreciated, or that they really are a burden to their families.

Most parents take it all at face value; one mom is excited to get things done without worrying about the safety of her kids, and the kids are doing what they’re meant to do even if it isn’t all that fun.

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