Mom Wrote A Hilarious Note On Her Thermostat, Thousands Agree

Autumn Brandon was tired of seeing the thermostat set to outrageous (and expensive) settings during the winter season.

In a constant struggle to balance the checkbook, most families have a certain amount set aside each month for the electricity and gas bills, and if that number ends up being more than they budgeted for, it could mean going without other equally important necessities. During the winter, mom knows that the kids might try and heat up the house without her permission, so she decided to give them a short set of rules in order to touch the thermostat.10-14a3Many families aren’t able to afford the luxury of too much heat and simply keep warm by layering up and covering in thick quilts. Unless those kids can pitch in for the gas bill, they’ll just have to get creative before cranking up the heat!

She posted the picture on Facebook where over 28,000 people have commented so far. While some say that her method is a bit drastic, even more (who are probably parents) agree that she has done the right thing. They know the children don’t fully understand what it takes to balance a budget and probably don’t realize just how much a gas bill can cost in the winter.

Still, others suggested that mom pull out a gas bill from the previous year and educate her children on how a billing cycle works and why they should be more careful with the thermostat.

What do you think about this mom’s drastic method of keeping her kids in check?


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