Mom Was Told To Give Her A “Half-Up, Half-Down” Hairstyle. What She Ended Up With? OMG!

For her dance recital, Hanna’s mother was instructed to give her child a “half-up, half-down” hairstyle. Well, mom had no idea what that could have meant and tried her best and “came up with this hilarious masterpiece,” as Hanna tells it.

The other moms seemed to know exactly what that phrase meant and sent their little dancers to the recital with hairstyles in varying stages of this:Hanna didn’t know what it had meant either, and didn’t realize that her hairstyle was different from anyone else’s! Her instructor didn’t correct it, and she didn’t fix it herself…that’s when she ended up with this!I only just recently realized what happened when i saw my group dance photo and saw something was wrong.” Hanna wrote.

Technically, her hair fit the description…it was just hilarious to see the result over a decade later! The picture went viral and had women everywhere recounting similar incidents with their own performances.

Thankfully, the internet exists now, so these sorts of comical mistakes are probably going to be far less common. Most dance classes are able to send home visual diagrams to parents, but this photograph is a treasure that Hanna plans to keep for years to come!

Hey, mom tried her best!

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