Mom Was Shopping At Walmart When She Saw This Homeless Man. Her Kindness Went Farther Than She Expected!

Jessica Marie Michelle wasn’t having a great day, but when she crossed paths with an older homeless man, everything changed for the better for everyone involved. She was out shopping with her friend, Mickaela, and her son, Xzander, and they had no idea how far their kindnesses would reach that afternoon.

While shopping at Walmart, Jessica spotted the homeless man and felt compelled to ask him a few questions and see if she could help. During the colder months, many homeless end up wandering around in large department stores to keep warm Рespecially if they are open 24/7 Рwhen the shelters are full.

She asked him where he was from and if he had any family members nearby, to which he answered ‘no.’ He said that his name was Steven.

I called every homeless shelter in the state of NH and they were all full. Mickaela was very selfless and thoughtful and bought him brand new winter clothes and some boots. Xzander helped pick them out. I got him some food and drinks. I offered him to stay with us and he said ‘no thank you dear.’ I think he is too ashamed to accept the help. So my last resort was calling the Littleton Police Department. We talked and an officer came right down to talk to him. They bought him a bus ticket to where he needed to go and he was very appreciative.”

When they purchased the hot chocolate, her son was happy to give Steven the steaming cup. While the boy may be too young to understand the impact his actions held that night, he knew that he was doing something kind for someone else.

Knowing that it’s the holidays and almost Christmas it’s hard to accept the fact that this 66 year old man will be alone for the holidays. I just hope he can find some kind of happiness and comfort to where he is going. It felt really good helping someone who is less fortunate. Getting to know this homeless man made me appreciate my life a little bit more.”

She stayed with the homeless man for two hours and knew that he appreciated the things they had done for him and the time they spent. Hopefully, he will be able to spend the holidays with friends thanks to Jessica and Mickaela!

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