Mom Was On Her Way Home When Her Daughter Spotted Something Heartbreaking

Tionae Thomas was focused on her family and getting through the rest of her afternoon. She had just picked up her daughter from school when the girl told her to stop. Her 14-year-old daughter had spotted a young boy alone in a shopping center parking lot, but there were no adults around. He was too young to be on his own, so Tionae pulled over. Her daughter got out of the car, and mom watched in awe of the daughter she had raised.

It’s too hot. Momma, stop the car.” The girl said, getting out.

Tionae listened as her daughter asked the boy where his parents were. When he told her that he didn’t know, she offered to let him use her phone. The boy didn’t know any numbers aside from his father’s.

She kept a distance from the boy to give him space while he called his dad. She convinced the boy to move and sit in front of the convenience store instead of the middle of the parking lot – it wasn’t safe, she told him – and insisted on waiting nearby until the boy was picked up.

I might have to get him some water if he doesn’t get picked up soon,” she told her mom.

Tionae wanted to share what she had witnessed as a message to other parents. Don’t let other parents judge the way you raise your own children. You know them best, she writes, and even if it seems hard at the time, kids listen and watch constantly. This day, she saw all of the lessons in compassion come to the surface, and she wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

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