Mom Was Horrified When Her Daughter Was Sliced By Broken Glass On A Playground!

How carefully do you check the equipment at the park when you take your children or grandchildren outside to play? Honestly, most of us just trust that they are safe and structurally sound when we get there. Our tax dollars go towards these public parks and we just expect them to be safe for our children.

Sadly, there are sick people out there who think that causing bodily harm to children is fun. They do it on purpose. Amy Smith took her 2-year-old daughter out to the park to play and trusted that the park was safe. Her child was finally able to climb the rope-ladder all by herself and was excited to slide down the “big girl” slide.

I was so proud of Demi as she had just learnt to climb up the rope that leads up to the slide,” Smith said. “I helped her up a bit and then she went down the slide.”

The ear-piercing screams that followed were not what any parent would expect. Smith picked her daughter up and was horrified to find that her legs had been sliced by pieces of broken glass that had been placed strategically on the slide.

Someone was hoping a child would be injured.

Smith rushed to the nearest hospital and Demi was cleaned up without needing any stitches. The wounds are sore, but Demi will recover soon enough. Smith wants to warn other parents that play parks aren’t always safe. It doesn’t take much to quickly scan the equipment for blades or glass, and if you find anything, immediately report it to the authorities to begin an investigation.

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