Mom Wants Him To Buy A Walker For His Son To Learn To Walk. He Refuses To Buy It…Instead? She’s Crying!

YouTube personality, Mark Hoyle, documented his day when his wife asked him to pick up a baby walked after work. She wanted their son to learn how to walk without constantly falling over, and at first, he thought it might be a good idea. When he asked how much it was, she fudged the price…by a lot!

In the end, the baby walker would cost $80!

There’s no way I’m spending that much,” he confides to the camera on his way to work.

He spends the day trying to figure out a way to get out of paying that much and also keeping his wife happy… In the end, he decides to craft one out of piping from a local hardware store for a fraction of the cost! (well, just about half the cost, but still). At first, his wife is shocked…then she starts laughing so hard that she cries! Her husband had done what she asked in the most roundabout way possible!When they decided to see if their son could use it…mom was touched! He loved it! It had moving parts and bright designs. The best part was that it actually worked! He was zooming around the living room and having a blast walking around like his parents!While he might have only saved $40, the memories he made that day would be cherished for years to come. Too cute!

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