Mom Walks Into An Audition With Her Daughter And She Steals The Show

With such an adorable daughter cheering beside her, it is almost certain that Kelley Kime will get a golden ticket when she auditioned for the latest season of American Idol. The 23-year old single mother did a cool version of Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’ and the judges loved it!

But more than that, her daughter Hope stole the show by opening for her with a cute cover of ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen. It was all too adorable that it brought tears to Jennifer Lopez’s eyes!

More than the singing, moments like this make you appreciate the resiliency people show in life. Kelley is a young woman, who now stands both as father and mother to her lovely daughter. The two of them have faced adversity but they show strength and hope amid everything, and even have the audacity to chase after beautiful dreams. Find inspiration in this mother-and-daughter duo and enjoy their music today.

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