Mom Walked In And Caught Their Puppies In The Sweetest Moment

When their family adopted two small puppies, they had no idea just how important those dogs would become. They signed the adoption papers just days before receiving devastating news about one of their own. Their youngest son, Jack, had been diagnosed with cancer. Their hearts broke, but they persevered and knew that he was a fighter.

They considered returning the puppies. It was all too much…but they saw a change in Jack that they just couldn’t ignore. The young boy was in love with the dogs, and once he started chemotherapy, they knew that they could never get rid of them.

When things got harder and harder, Jack found comfort where he could. One night, he asked mom if the puppies could sleep with him, and she just couldn’t say no. It became tradition. One night, mom came by to check on her son and captured this incredible moment. The puppies were snuggled around her son protectively. They weren’t asleep, but they were keeping still and lending him comfort while he slept. He had hugged one of the dogs, and while it might not have been comfortable for the pup, mom could tell that the little dog wouldn’t have moved for all the world.

The dogs knew that Jack needed their support, and if it meant a sleepless night in his bed, watching him sleep, they would do it.

Mom was glad that they hadn’t returned the dogs when their lives became chaotic, and now, she wouldn’t return them for all the world.

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