Mom Trusted Them With Her Precious Baby…She REALLY Shouldn’t Have! OMG!

Do you have pets? Many people consider their beloved furry friends to be important parts of their families – some even set places in the dining room so that their little dogs or cats don’t feel left out during dinner time. This one “dog mom” loved her pet so much that she even made special dinners just for her dog! When she left her precious “child” with her husband and step-son, she could have never imagined that it could have come so close to DEATH!

So I was in college visiting my Dad & Step Mom. They have a small malti-poo dog, who was about 1 at the time. My step mom, who never had kids of her own, treats this dog like its her baby – like, to the level where she makes her an extra serving of whatever shes cooking for dinner every single night (its actually kind of weird).

Anyway, my step mom leaves for a few hours to hang out with her girlfriends, but right before she leaves she tells me and my dad “have fun, just make sure you don’t kill the dog.” My dad and I laugh at this, and mock her since we’re responsible grown adults and could handle a little dog for a few hours.

About 30 minutes after she leaves, I go into the fridge to get some grapes. Exactly 4 grapes, (grapes being the slippery bastards that they are), managed to escape the bowl and fall onto the floor. Before I could pick them up, the dog swooped in and ate them. I didn’t think anything of this, it was just a few grapes…so I go into the living room where my dads on the couch and start munching some delicious grapes. When I put the bowl down on the table, my dad goes, “make sure Shaina can’t reach those, I don’t think dogs are supposed to have grapes.”

“Uhhh, soo dad, what if I happened to have dropped a few on the floor, and she ate them…that’s not gonna hurt her… right?”

My dad just gives me a look that screams “are you serious?” knowing what a psycho my step mom is about this dog, He immediately goes down to his computer to google it. Now, if you Google “my dog ate grapes” or “can dogs eat grapes” the first few results basically tell you that grapes are extremely toxic to dogs – even a small amount can cause renal failure and death (think WebMD for dogs.) It doesn’t really specify how many grapes will kill your dog, just that your dog has a decent chance of dying from grapes. So we start freaking out.

Not wanting to pay for a $300 emergency vet visit (and alerting my step mom), my dad tries to find out what to do online to see if only 4 grapes would be that bad for her. All of these sites he was looking at said to call this phone number, which is a designated “My Dog Ate Grapes Poison Control Hotline” (yes, apparently thats a thing). So he calls the number, somebody immediately answers, and asks him how big our dog is, and how many grapes she ate. They then essentially told him that the dog was 100% going to die unless we paid them $80 to walk us through the treatment. Yes, they extorted us for the life of our dog, but of course we paid the $80.

So they tell him the treatment, which it turns out, is simply to induce vomitting with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and milk.

So my dad rushes to CVS, buys some hydrogen peroxide & milk, and gives it to the dog. We cordoned her off in the kitchen and about 5 minutes later, she starts vomiting up everything she ate for the past 2 days (remember when I told you my step mom feeds the dog whatever it is shes having…this was not normal Kibbles and Bits dog puke.) The hotline people told us we needed to count each grape coming out, because even one remaining grape particle would kill the dog. So me and my dad are on our hands and knees in the kitchen trying to sort grapes out from piles of dog puke, until we found every last piece…and hoped I had accounted for all of them that fell. The dog was just staring at us the entire time like we were insane.

She was perfectly fine a half hour later. But my dad and I both agreed to take that one to our graves.

Did you know this about grapes? Apparently in some cases, these symptoms appear and can kill your dog alarmingly fast. 

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea – often within a few hours; after 24 hours of ingestion vomit and fecal contents may contain pieces of grapes or raisin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy, weakness, unusual quietness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration
  • Oliguria (passing only a small amount of urine)
  • Anuria (complete cessation of urine)
  • Kidney (renal) failure and death

Yeah, that’s pretty terrifying. In case you didn’t know, now you do! There are tons of foods that dogs aren’t supposed to eat (tell that to mine who don’t mind chowing down on shoelaces and plastic bottles) and dogs don’t always have the good sense to stay away from them. Thankfully, this situation turned out all right and the little dog survived to eat another day!

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