Mom Tries To Surprise Her Daughter With A Spontaneous Visit To Her Dorm! …The WRONG Dorm! Yikes!

Deanna Pilling wanted to surprise her daughter who was off living at her college in the dorms. It as during the time that McKenna, her daughter, would be moving out of the dorms, so she made the trip from their home in New York City to Utah. Moving out of a dorm can be stressful, and mom just wanted to help out! When she arrived at the college, she snapped a selfie and sent it to her daughter with the messages, “Look where I am!” and then “Where are you?” She assumed that her daughter had stepped out of the room for a minute…

But her daughter immediately sent a message saying, “Where’s that? I’m in my dorm.”

For the smallest second, her mother probably felt lied to…until she read her daughter’s next words and felt her heart leap from her chest!5.11a21She realized her mistake and felt sick to her stomach, fleeing the room and trying to find out where her daughter’s room actually was!

McKenna thought it was the funniest thing and immediately posted the entire conversation online! She didn’t count on the post going viral, though. She doesn’t mind that her hilarious mix-up had made people smile all around the country, but she does wish that she had taken a better picture of herself. If she had only known!

How fitting that it happened around Mother’s Day! This mom is just too precious.

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