Mom Took A Picture Before And After Her Daughter’s First Day Of Preschool. Internet GOLD.

Most kids are excited about their first days of school…until they actually get to go.

This little girl was excited. She loved her outfit, she was happy to make friends, and she couldn’t wait to be a “big girl” who went to school. She was nervous about riding the bus, but she soon discovered that it was the least of her worries…

Mom snapped a picture just before her daughter went outside to wait for the bus…
9.2a14But the aftermath was what went viral. People were quick to leave their comments on what the girl must have been thinking…9.2a15

Where’s your jacket, honey?

I don’t want to talk about it. I need juice. Leave the bottle.”

Her journey is just beginning, but her reaction is reminding others of their own experiences with the education system. Did you feel like this after your first day of school? We’re just happy that mom managed to capture this adorable moment for her daughter to look back on years later. It’ll be funny at graduation. Maybe not right now…but in 15 years, she’ll appreciate the humor!


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