Mom SHAVES And Dyes 6-Year-Old’s Hair, And People Are ANGRY At Her

6-year-old Lyra has dreamed of “Unicorn Hair” from the first time that she learned of it. Typically, “unicorn hair” is dyed hair in a pastel rainbow of colors and designs dyed with temporary or permanent dyes…and usually on adults. 9-22a3But Lyra begged her mother, Mary Thomaston, who is a hair stylist, and after a few years, Mary decided that Lyra was old enough. Mom knew that using a temporary dye was a must, but she was nervous about shaving the side of her daughter’s head. Mary told Lyra that the only way she would give in the girl’s request was if her school gave her permission.

Her hair is already really light, so all I had to do was add the temporary colour. I tried to talk her out of the shaved side because I thought she might regret it once it was done but boy was I wrong. She was sooo excited.”

After the hairstyle was complete, Lyra was given a photoshoot from one of Mary’s friends, photographer Kiersten Grant. 9-22a1

While the school had no problem with the little girl expressing herself, the some members of the public had a huge problem with the girl’s pictures after they were posted to Instagram. Many people said that Lyra was too young to be making such bold decisions and that her mother was being irresponsible by using “harmful” chemicals on a little girl’s skin.

Mary responded by saying the dye was both temporary and non-toxic, and that being young is the perfect excuse to experiment with different colors. After her response, parents chimed in to say that they would be allowing their own kids to experiment – they don’t have careers to look “professional” for anyway – and that the bold choices were perfect for a kid. 9-22a2

Self-expression is important, especially for children, who shouldn’t have to feel judged so early on in their lives. Besides, “it’ll wash out. She wasn’t harmed in the process… It’s hair…it’ll grow back.” Mom says.

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