Mom Shares A Heartbreaking Post About The Loss Of Her Infant Son, And Has Everyone In TEARS.

Every once in a while, a Facebook post scrolls over your dashboard that stops you in your tracks. At first, I thought these kids were taking a picture with an older relative. Maybe a grandfather, or even a great-grandmother. But then I started reading what mom had written, and I realized that the dates on the grave meant that these kids were posing next to the grave of a baby that was not even a year old. And my heart dropped out of my chest.

She puts it beautifully, and her words have resonated with people who don’t even have children, they are so powerful.

Imagine for a moment;

Visiting your child’s grave.
Your baby.
The one you spent 12 hours in labor with.
The one you gave birth to.
The one you spent hours with awake at night.
The one who would smile all the time.
The one you held ever so tightly.
Close to your heart.
The boo-boo’s you kissed.
The goofy laughs together.
The blissfulness of innocence.
Just imagine.
Life changing in a single instant.
Your world upside down.
Painted black and dreary.
Blanketed with shock.
Finding your precious baby.
Your child not breathing.
Having to preform CPR.
Knowing it’s too late but praying to God
That a miracle can happen.
Seeing the doctor shake her head.
Watching their heart beat by a machine.
Covering them with tears.
And prayer.
Clinging to old photographs.
Holding a favorite blanket or teddy.
Smelling their old clothes.
Watching your world fall apart.
Convincing yourself that you’re not crazy.
That there’s “nothing you could have done.”
That we did all we could.
Rewinding time in your mind.
Living in the past. Wishing to go back.
Thinking “If only I knew”-
“I could have” or “I should have”
Imagine the hormones of pregnancy.
Mixed with the agony of child loss.
Explaining to your other children.
Who their sibling is.
And Why this tragedy happened.
The next time you’re up at night.
Ready to complain about parenting.
That your precious child-
God forbid, not be there.
Having this be your reality.
Having to visit your beloved here.
Your other children seeing their sibling.
Seeing them like this.

I can imagine, thanks to her gorgeous tribute to her infant son taken too early from her loving arms. She wants others to spread kindness and love. She wants others to cherish the time that they have with their family because no one is guaranteed any time at all. Her post has helped many grieving parents to realize that they are not alone. They have found comfort with others and a hope for the future. This is beautiful, but in the most heartbreaking way.

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