Mom Receives This Note In Her Daughter’s Lunch Box After School From Upset Teacher

A mother of eight opened up her young daughter’s lunch pail after she arrived home and found this note from the teacher. As a special treat, mom decided to add some chocolate into her daughter’s lunch box…something that many parents do. But at the preschool, the menus and suggested items for a child’s lunch are color-coded according to their “healthiness,” and a piece of chocolate instantly fell into the “bad” category.

The “Kindy,” or kindergarten as they say in Australia, sent home this note admonishing mom for sending an unhealthy item to school. In the future, the teacher expected mom to choose healthier options.But what this teacher didn’t know is that the parents of the little girl have degrees in health science. They know that categorizing food as “good” and “bad” often leads to eating disorders. They know that balanced meals throughout the week are more important than being 100% “good” all of the time.

The teacher is only following the rules of the school, but the random notes sent home to admonish parents seems excessive to some.

Others argue that if a parent is sending junk food and candy in a child’s lunch box everyday, maybe they need a little more guidance when building a child’s meal.

She thinks that mom should add two slices for the next day tell them to “get lost.”

What do you think of this kindergarten’s policy on the contents of a student’s lunch?

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