Mom Puts Baby In Container While Waiting For Rescue…It Floats!

Many families were caught completely off guard when the flood waters began to rise rapidly around their homes. Among those families was a resilient and clever mom who knew just how to keep her baby safe and dry. The flooding was unexpected, but suddenly she was dealing with the unthinkable. She put out the call for rescue and waited…but carrying a small baby for hours or days on end was going to be nearly impossible. Instead of trying to keep up with all of the baby items, she realized that the baby’s crib insert would fit perfectly into this plastic bin.Cozy and warm, her baby daughter floated (a little nervously by the looks of it) while they waited for people to come and help move them to a safer location.

It was dangerous to try and walk through the murky water. It was highly unsanitary, and officials were warning people that anything could be in that water. Some of the more dangerous hazards being snakes, alligators, and floating fire ant colonies looking for higher ground.

Her adorable baby floated safely in the bin, and mom got a much-needed rest.

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