Mom Pranked Dad From Beyond The Grave And People Are In Love

Before her mother lost her battle with ovarian cancer, she confided in her husband that she had one last request: that he keep the plants in their bathroom watered and healthy.

For four years, he honored her request and kept the plants in pristine condition. He watered them every day without fail, but when it came time for him to move out of their shared house and into a retirement home, his daughter discovered the truth of what her mother had done!

Anotnia Nicol, a firefighter in London, traveled to meet her father and help him pack up his life. When they went to take the plants along with them…Nicol found out that her late mother had been pranking her dad for years after her death!
The plants had all been replaced with plastic replicas.

Her father, for four years, had thought the bathroom had a leak that he couldn’t find…it turned out that the water from his watering can was leaking back onto the floor since the plants weren’t even real!

When his daughter shared the heartwarming story on social media, it went viral. Her father wasn’t embarrassed at all! He loves that he’ll always remember his wife as the fun-loving prankster who gave him something to keep living for, even in death, to remember their life together.

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He hopes that his discovery makes others smile – he knows his late wife would have wanted it that way.

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