Mom Pours THIS Into Silicone Molds…When She’s Done, You’ll Want To Make These For The Kids ASAP!

When I first heard about silicone molds, I didn’t honestly think past using them to make cute ice cubes. I found it in the baking section, so I’m not sure why I never put it together that these weren’t actually just adorable ice cube trays, but I have since discovered how awesome these things are. Ironically, one of my favorite ways to use these molds is to use them to freeze stuff. I was on the right path, I just had never stopped to realize the extra potential that these “cute” little molds held.
4.26a29This green jelly? Aloe Vera. With the summer comes the sunlight, and with the sunlight comes little children who think that they can play out of doors without reapplying their sunblock. Their number one complaint about getting sunburns, though, is that it’s sticky and warm. The easiest solution is to pour the aloe (crushed from the plant or squeezed from a tube) into the molds and frozen for several hours. 4.26a30They are now frozen relief ice cubes shaped in happy little molds! If you aren’t going to use 15 all at once (at least I hope you don’t), you can toss the frozen cubes into a plastic baggie and put them back in the freezer for later use. The best feeling on sunburned skin? Chilly, not-as-sticky relief in cute little heart shapes!4.26a31If it is already sunny in your area, you might want to make a batch of these pre-emptively. Just squeeze some aloe into molds and get your “no mom, I didn’t reapply my sunblock like you told me to” care packages all ready to go!

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