Mom Posts A “Missed Connection” To Another Mom In Target And Hopes They Can Meet Next Week

Being a mom is a tough job, but enjoying the little moments here and there can make it seem a lot less stressful. Even a trip to Target for crayons and diapers can suddenly feel like an actual vacation, and as this mom knows, it might even lead to a glorious friendship.

When Nikki Pennington accidentally bumped her cart into another woman’s while heading through another isle, she noticed several things that made her think the mystery woman would make a great friend.

In your cart you had diapers, soda, wine and chocolate. Again, confirming my suspicions that we in fact were meant to be best mom friends,” she wrote on Facebook.

But the similarities didn’t end there.
She listed out the specifics, hoping that the mystery mom might see it and know that it was her.

You were also wearing yoga pants with flip flops and a messy bun. The venti Starbucks in your hand was a dead giveaway that even though you were wearing yoga pants you had in fact not come from the gym. I know because I was doing the exact same thing.

Our carts hit once as we rounded the corner from aimlessly pretending to be shopping for something in our favorite store when in reality we were both just having a moms night out. I mean we all know that’s where all moms go for a night out.

So, to the fellow mom in Target last night at 7pm, if you see this and recognize this story and my Starbucks drink please know I’ll be back at Target again next week because lets be honest, I live there.”

That pretty much sounds like every mom, ever…and as women shared it, they realized that they might in fact have been that woman at Target, at least at one point. Those precious minutes to escape and zone out are wonderful, and here’s hoping that Pennington gets to say hello to her new mom friend very soon.

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