Mom Posted A Revealing Picture Online To Show The Reality Of Childbirth

More and more women are sharing pictures of their natural bodies – no filters, no touch-ups, no makeup – to promote a newer, healthier attitude towards beauty. For decades, magazines and clothing lines and movies and commercials have been showing women what they ‘should’ look like instead of celebrating them for how they already look like. Moms, much like Alexandra, have decided to love themselves, regardless of what others say. 

Well, I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking ‘why would she post this picture’, but, it took me 18 months to get here, 18 months to not cry when I look in the mirror, 18 months to finally feel beautiful in my own skin again! No one warns you about the dark sides of motherhood and pregnancy.. no one gives you a heads up on how much you change physically and mentally after you become a mother. It’s been a long and hard postpartum ride for me.. 18 months after my first son and 5 months after my second son I feel like I can finally see the light and it genuinely feels amazing? cheers to you mamas who are battling postpartum depression and still getting up everyday for your children! Cheers to you mamas who still cry about the marks on your skin from birthing your perfect babies! Cheers to motherhood, cheers to knowing that this too shall pass! And things will get better.

While several mothers have stated that they disagree with her phrasing it as “the dark side of pregnancy,” they are proud to see her posting this picture and loving her body for what it has been able to do. Her journey is breathtaking, and mothers around the world are in love with her sentiments, sharing not only her picture…but sharing their own as well in response!

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